RISD Thesis: Users and Concepts

Parent and Infant

This study is inspired by sociological research and data from my survey results, showing that most parents will take high preventative measures to protect their children from the sun. In the United States, the average age for entering motherhood is 25 years old[1]; as a result, I am focusing my attention on a young couple, both 25 years of age and their child.

For these consumers, their child’s health is the number one priority. My research showed that the surveyed age group is not very familiar with the UV Index Forecast, however they are conscientious about the time spent in direct sun exposure. A solution for this group needs to create an emotional connection, be straightforward in use and rewarding. But first, it must ensure the baby’s health.

  • First time parent
  • Baby’s health is #1 priority
  • Not Familiar with UV Index
  • Conscientious about time spent in the sun
  • Body image is very important

Outdoor Activities:

Beach, Running, Walking, Hiking, Going to the Park

Brand Preference:

Nike, Bare Essentials, Dr. Brommers, Murad

Needs from Product:

Ensure baby’s health. Must create an emotional connection, be straightforward in use and rewarding.


Concept: Aëon Watch

Aëon’s primary function is to measure the radiation emitted by the sun in order to protect the user. Aëon’s name is a tribute to Chronos, the mythological Greek god of time, often also referred to as Aëon, the god of eternal time.

Aëon’s concept was inspired results of my online surveys, in which parents stated their lack of knowledge regarding the ultraviolet index, and exhibited a higher level of care towards their children than for themselves in relation to sun exposure. These adults, ranging in age from 25-40 years old stated that body image is very important, and often will be outside taking their baby for a stroll or a run.

The original idea for this watch came when I visited Rhode Runners during the market research phase, a retail store in Providence, Rhode Island, which caters primarily to a runner’s lifestyle. While in conversation with Eric—a salesman at Rhode Runner—about UV and sun protection for outdoor enthusiast he mentioned, “We have a lot of people coming in asking for UV protective clothing.”

The watchband is treated with an ultraviolet sensitive coating. This material will change colors when exposed to high levels of ultraviolet rays (UV Index 8+).

I presented the watch to the staff at Rhode Runners, where it was welcomed with high praise. In another focus group, William a 25‑year caucasian male, stated the following.

“I love the concept. I am at high risk for skin cancer, and my girlfriend is always on me to protect myself from the sun. This watch would help me keep a reminder whenever I step outside. I also like it because it is not obtrusive, but instead blends right into my lifestyle”

  1. Matthews, T J, and Brady E Hamilton. “Delayed Childbearing: More Women Are Having Their First Child Later In Life.” NCHS Data Brief 21 (2009): 1