The goal is always to connect with customers
and develop products that people love to use.


Human understanding, engagement, and empathy are what give digital systems useful value. For that reason they should elegantly combine efficiency with intuitive simplicity.

Over 15 years of experience designing with some of today’s best technical teams enables me to identify opportunities and possibilities in people and companies. I specialize in human-centered design, solution-oriented user experience and design strategy. The byproduct of that focus is good business.


The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.
— Peter F. Drucker

Primal Loop

Founder & Principal

Established in 2015.


Primal Loop is a human experience design consultancy based in Brooklyn. Our interdisciplinary practice offers strategy and product design capabilities to complex industries where innovation can literally change people's lives

We collaborate with industry experts in the fields of design, data science, business strategy, marketing, and digital applications to remove the ambiguity out of “user experience,” and clearly define opportunities in the form of trackable and actionable roadmap items.


FINO Consulting

Director of UX and Design


Fino presented me with the opportunity to build and lead a design team of user experience, software development, product design, interaction design, branding, and print talent. We excelled in providing the best service to our clients by investigating problems, understanding user behavior, and organizing information as a framework for creative exploration. Our strengths stemmed from our curiosity, inquiry, empathy, and desire for intuitive design. These strengths allowed us to investigate any market, understand its users, and create value in ways that influenced desired outcomes.

I monitored changes in the technology markets, identified design trends, created effectiveness metrics, developed scope, collaborated on contracts, and took successful products to market. I also supported marketing by creating campaigns and systems to gather and distill financial data in order to identify potential targets.

We combined our software, data, and design expertise to develop new ideas to help energy companies achieve their most important goals.



Apricot is a formative assessment tool that allows teachers to collect real-time responses from every student to drive instruction.

Apricot is a neat tool that allows teachers to quickly and easily deliver writing prompts to students.  It's very simple to use and the writing platform is just geared for writing.  In today's digital world, having a teacher or a service send work directly to a parent's phone or laptop is priceless.
- Wenatchee School District's IT Department


Accomplishing a complete redesign and launch of the Apricot Platform in just three months by aligning design team strengths.


Apricot Platform: “What a great tool to get your students writing daily!” – Teachers First

Apricot Platform: “Apricot seems to have a nice niche in the writing delivery and collection department.” – Wenatchee School District’s Instructional Technology Department

Teacher Tweet: “LOVE THIS! Can't wait to start using it - Fabulous idea for parent interaction to learn about their child's learning”

2015: Finalist for Microsoft Application Development Partner of the Year

2015: Named in Inc. Magazine as the 57th fastest-growing software company, with 3-year sales growth of 736%

2014: Named in Inc. Magazine as the 41st fastest-growing software company, with 3-year sales growth of 956%





At MeeGenius I led COPPA compliance design and experience efforts for an interactive e-book app for kids across native iOS, Android, Windows, and mobile-responsive web apps while also serving as a mentor to junior designers. I developed a unified company brand and broadened the appeal of MeeGenius products; these accomplishments increased revenue and partnership opportunities with the world’s largest publishers of children’s books.

MeeGenius was acquired by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in August 2015 (Press Release)

Meegenius iPhone 5


Leveraging the team in combination with automation scripts to meet a 12-hour deadline for the creation of 3,500 distinct icons and images for 700 book titles.


2015: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt acquired MeeGenius.

2013: National Parenting Publication Award Winner for Preschool Virtual Products

2013: “Best Children’s Reading and Book Apps” –

2013: “Best Interactive Games” award winner –

2013: “Awesome, interactive children’s stories.” – TechCrunch

2012: “The future of e-books.” – Bloomberg TV


LEAD Experience DesigNer


At Voxy I led the design of the personalized language learning features for ESL students around the world with an explicit focus on student efficacy. Relentless in the effort to drive business results, our improvements to the live tutoring portion of the site led to an increase of 450% in average revenue per customer. The new tutoring platform was a positive note toward closing the Series B round of $9.5M, led by Pearson Education.

Voxy App iPhone 5


Implementing weekly user testing sessions conducted 100% in Spanish; these led to more transparent feedback from our users.


2015: Winner of Academics’ Choice Award for Smart Media

2015: Recognized for its “innovative approach” by The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Fast Company, and others

2014: Named one of the “Top 30 Places to Work in the NYC Tech Industry” by Internet Week New York

2012: Ranked one of the “10 Best U.S. Technology Companies to Work For” by Business Insider

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