FINO Consulting

Director of UX and Design


Fino presented me with the opportunity to build and lead a design team of user experience, software development, product design, interaction design, branding, and print talent. We excelled in providing the best service to our clients by investigating problems, understanding user behavior, and organizing information as a framework for creative exploration. Our strengths stemmed from our curiosity, inquiry, empathy, and desire for intuitive design. These strengths allowed us to investigate any market, understand its users, and create value in ways that influenced desired outcomes.

I monitored changes in the technology markets, identified design trends, created effectiveness metrics, developed scope, collaborated on contracts, and took successful products to market. I also supported marketing by creating campaigns and systems to gather and distill financial data in order to identify potential targets.

We combined our software, data, and design expertise to develop new ideas to help energy companies achieve their most important goals.



Apricot is a formative assessment tool that allows teachers to collect real-time responses from every student to drive instruction.

Apricot is a neat tool that allows teachers to quickly and easily deliver writing prompts to students.  It's very simple to use and the writing platform is just geared for writing.  In today's digital world, having a teacher or a service send work directly to a parent's phone or laptop is priceless.
- Wenatchee School District's IT Department


Accomplishing a complete redesign and launch of the Apricot Platform in just three months by aligning design team strengths.


Apricot Platform: “What a great tool to get your students writing daily!” – Teachers First

Apricot Platform: “Apricot seems to have a nice niche in the writing delivery and collection department.” – Wenatchee School District’s Instructional Technology Department

Teacher Tweet: “LOVE THIS! Can't wait to start using it - Fabulous idea for parent interaction to learn about their child's learning”

2015: Finalist for Microsoft Application Development Partner of the Year

2015: Named in Inc. Magazine as the 57th fastest-growing software company, with 3-year sales growth of 736%

2014: Named in Inc. Magazine as the 41st fastest-growing software company, with 3-year sales growth of 956%